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Powered Speakers

For portable, high-powered, and high-end powered speaker rentals, call AV Philly. Our speaker rentals reach large crowds with clear and crisp sound quality. While lightweight and versatile, our powered speaker rentals can also be rugged and used in a variety of settings. Our powered speaker rentals are ideal for those looking for flexibility, while also seeking something that produces professional sound quality. 


Tripod Screens

A portable solution to any projection need, tripods use a manual pull-up screen, where the casing attaches to a free-standing tripod platform. Popular in schools, because of their mobile design tripods are also widely used for mobile business presentations.


Fast Folding Screens

Folding frame projector screens are generally used in auditoriums, stages, trade shows and outdoor venues. Folding Frame screens are the best portable solution for large venues, strong and durable. Easily assembled by snapping or screwing together multiple aluminum frame pieces to a tensioned screen surface. 


                                            ​​ Microphones

AV Philly has everything you need for your wireless microphone rental. Whether you need a wireless handheld mic, an earset mic, or a wireless lapel microphone, we have a vast inventory to meet all your needs. Our range of wireless microphone rentals allows for flexibility because we carry single, dual and quad channel in several different frequencies. Since we have an expansive inventory, we are able to offer our customers a full line of audio equipment to make sure your wireless mic rental will meet your specific requirements.

Sound Mixers

Mixers combine, route, and change the level of microphone and line inputs.  Powered mixers have integrated amplifiers to power passive speakers. Most have two discrete amp channels giving the ability to mix and power mains and monitors separately.


                                     ​​​               Projectors

AV Philly can fill all of your video projector rental needs. Our extensive line of projector rentals are designed to meet the most unique requirements from discerning users. No matter the screen size, resolution, ratio, lens size or lumens, we have you covered.



Whirlwind PRESSMITE Active Press Box with 1 Mic/Line in to 12 Mic/2 Line Out 

The Whirlwind PRESSMITE is a professional, compact active press feed box with the capacity of distributing 12 clean mic level signals and two line level signals, and featuring high isolation between outputs. 


                                                      ​ TV-FLOOR STANDS

LUXOR FP2000 Flat Panel Cart Adjustable Height LCD/LED Mount, 62.5" H x 32.75" W x 28.75" D, Black

The FP2000 Base model adjustable height LCD/LED Mount is designed for 32"-60" Flat Panel TV. Weight capacity is 100 Lbs.